The MODCOMP Project

  • Objective 1: To develop CF-based composites with multi-functionalities (i.e. a combination of enhanced mechanical properties, electrical conductivity, thermal stability, flexibility) by the incorporation of nanomaterials.

  • Objective 2: To develop cost-effective manufacturing processes which consider sustainability and recycling/energy (new (bio) – precursors/ bioresins and life cycle), and safety (safe-by-design and toxicology).

  • Objective 3: To evaluate new configurations in lighter structural composite taking advantage of nanotechnologies to sustain damage from lightning strike for Zone 2A of the Horizontal Tail Plane.

  • Objective 4: To look for the optimum processes and the best multiscale reinforcement combinations using synergistically experimental testing and analytical together with computational modelling techniques.

  • Objective 5: To use the CF-based materials developed from MODCOMP to re-design caliper and steering knuckles for brake systems with reduced weight (>20%), increased stiffness (>20%) and enhanced performance (faster response to driver actions and improved safety).

  • Objective 6: To demonstrate innovative secure storage modules, flat pack shelter system and training sailing craft with reduced cost and high performance (corrosion, UV and abrasion resistance, rigidity and increased thermal properties).

  • Objective 7: To promote the exploitation of industrial-preferred composite materials and standardize activities throughout the production chain.

  • Objective 8: To disseminate outputs for raising the profile of the new MODCOMP technologies.

  • Objective 9: To identify new potential market for the developed fibre-based composite materials in avionics, construction, and electronics industry.

  • Objective 10: To evaluate the industrial impact of MODCOMP-concept with respect to economic as well as technical aspects.

  • Objective 11: To open a new field of innovation based on materials and technologies development and push for the industrial leadership of Europe in strategic domains (electronics, defense, aerospace…).

  • EUROMOBILITA was Work Package 8 partner, responsible for Exploitation and Dissemination of project results.

  • Together with other project  partners in WP8, EUROMOBILITA developed and maintained thr Project website. Website was divided into two sections: Public area and Member area.

  • Together with other project partners EUROMOBILITA prepared Project Dissemination Strategy Plan.

  • EUROMOBILITA  set up and maintained Project mailing list, supporting Project partners and enhancing internal communication.

  • EUROMOBILITA, together with other project partners, organised Final conference to present final results and impact of the project involving specific sector audience (scientific or industrial) but also the large audience (public).


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“This project is funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union under Grant Agreement no. 685844.”

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