Tunnel Vision Project

EUROMOBILITA s.r.o. have been successful in acquiring funding from the European Commission to carry out a feasibility study on the soundness of a new disruptive concept in Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) for use in tunnel construction and maintenance. The concept is called TUNNEL VISION and will run for 6 months to assess the response from potential end-users and to build a business case with a view to taking the concept to a demonstrator and then to market.

Current GPR scanning employs arrays of vertically fixed antennae that direct radiation vertically into the ground. TUNNEL VISION uses novel antenna motion to overcome these limitations and provide comprehensive, high resolution images that can be easily interpreted by end-users. This system will improve the safety and efficiency of tunnels while reducing delays, maintenance costs and the potential for catastrophic damage.

The TUNNEL VISION system will evaluate the entire tunnel and adjacent subsurface regions as well as tunnel utilities. This will maintain and improve levels of safety on road and rail networks, while reducing maintenance time and costs. Early detection and evaluation of anomalies that current technology cannot allows potential hazards to be eliminated through specifically targeted maintenance, thereby increasing safety and decreasing costs, these are unique selling points for the European and global markets.

  • This European Commission funded study will look at the feasibility of developing the TUNNEL VISION technology;
  • Identify potential end-users;
  • Assess the viability of market acceptance of the concept;
  • Prepare a detailed Business Plan.

For further information please email us:  info@euromobilita.eu

“This project has been received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No: 835567