SHOW – Overview

SHOW aims to support the deployment of shared, connected and electrified automation in urban transport, to advance sustainable urban mobility. During the project, real-life urban demonstrations taking place in 20 cities across Europe will see the integration of fleets of automated vehicles in public transport, demand-responsive transport (DRT), Mobility a Service (MaaS) and Logistics as a Service (LaaS) schemes.

SHOW is the largest ever initiative piloting automated vehicles in urban environments. It is being developed by 69 partners, including Euromobilita, from 13 EU-countries and fosters international cooperation by collaborating with worldwide organisations from the US, South Korea, Australia and China amongst others.

Deliverable A16.1 -Market Analysis

We are pleased to inform you that EUMO has reached an important milestone in the SHOW project.  After working this last year with the WP16 team, EUMO was able to complete their deliverable “A16.1 – Market Analysis”.  This main goal of the work is to give a thorough market analysis that can be used over the whole project duration about the SHOW mobility services covering different types of services (PT, DRT, CS, LaaS, MaaS) explaining their state of art, competitive landscape, roles, mobility drivers, cost structure, revenues, market growths, outlook and CCAM applications.

After a detailed SWOT analysis all the conclusions about the market “Connected and Cooperative Automated Public Transportation Services” together with the competitor analysis, as well as the initial and updated SWOT are helping to build the “development ecosystem, especially considering the SHOW approach which focuses on SME, start-ups and new entrants, integrate PTO (and do not cannibalize them) and consciously disregarding the basic investments (which is a major barrier for any business especially for a new one).

The results of Deliverable A16.1 will also be implemented in other analyses, especially regarding the building of business models at the pilot sites, cost analysis and other impact assessments to be development within the project., e.g. influence from the market entry of SME/start-ups/new entrants in the field of OPEX or effects of new or extended mobility service portfolio for specific stakeholder groups (IT service provider, marketing provider, municipalities…). Finally, it can be concluded, that the results of D16.1 including the additional competitor analysis developed within the A16.1 working groups has laid a solid base for the future activities within the different Work Packages in the SHOW project.

Market analysis WP16 Report

At the end of the first year of the project (2020), EUMO worked on a deliverable report for the Work Package 16 titled “exploitation and economic impact assessment” led by T-Systems GmbH. The deliverable 16.1 “Market analysis WP16 Report” will be a publicly available document that will be published at the completion of the 48-month programme.

EUMOs involvement in the deliverable ranged from initial population of the deliverable document with research into existing projects that have identified sustainable sites worldwide through to developing a methodological approach to integrate this information into the SHOW analysis, which resulted in a significant section on the competition of SHOW and other research projects to a final review of documentary deliverable to help ensure compliance with EU/English usage

After a year of research, the Market Analysis shows that there are more than 140 identified sites worldwide, either preparing or carrying out demos and pilots. Competition within each mobility service is high, but all shared, cooperative mobility service combined are competing with private car usage.

What next

EUMO will continue to work on the SHOW programme. Over the next 36 months we will help to analyse and define the commercialisation potentials for the SHOW identified products.

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