At the end of the first year of the project (2020), EUMO worked on a deliverable report for the Work Package 16 titled “exploitation and economic impact assessment” led by T-Systems GmbH. The deliverable 16.1 “Market analysis WP16 Report” will be a publicly available document that will be published at the completion of the 48-month programme.

EUMOs involvement in the deliverable ranged from initial population of the deliverable document with research into existing projects that have identified sustainable sites worldwide through to developing a methodological approach to integrate this information into the SHOW analysis, which resulted in a significant section on the competition of SHOW and other research projects to a final review of documentary deliverable to help ensure compliance with EU/English usage.

After a year of research, the Market Analysis shows that there are more than 140 identified sites worldwide, either preparing or carrying out demos and pilots. Competition within each mobility service is high, but all shared, cooperative mobility service combined are competing with private car usage.

What next for EUMO ?

EUMO will continue to work on the SHOW programme. Over the next 36 months we will help to analyse and define the commercialisation potentials for the SHOW identified products and we will actively support SHOW in Dissemination, Communication and Social media activities (WP 15).

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